Birdman Responds To Tyga’s $12 Million Accusation

Birdman Responds To Tyga’s $12 Million Accusation

Birdman Responds To Tyga’s $12 Million Accusation

Cash Money Records boss Birdman is reportedly unhappy about Tyga’s claims that he’s owed $12 million from the label. Tyga dropped the financial bombshell during an appearance on The Breakfast Club last week, surprising even the show’s hosts over the lofty amount. However, he explained he won’t chase Baby in a legal way before Lil Wayne resolves his own financial issues with Cash Money.

“I’m in a position to where it’s like I just want Wayne to get what

he’s owed,” Tyga said when asked if he plans to sue Birdman. “I don’t wanna throw nothing more on that situation. I want to see Wayne kinda like prosper with that, and then I can go see. I had to pay to get out.”

But what’s Baby’s take on the situation? According to TMZ, who

spoke to sources close to Birdman, the rapper and mogul suggests that Tyga left Cash Money before fulfilling the requirements of his contract, namely recording one more album for the label. However, Birdman reportedly had “no problem” releasing the rapper as his sales were “sluggish.”

The source also asked TMZ what some may see as the obvious question: “What person says they won’t sue if they’re owed $12 million?” Last weekend, Tyga was asked by TMZ about his ongoing tiff with the 48-year-old rap mogul, and resorted to name-calling in the contentious feud. In response, he quoted the title of his latest mixtape, namely B!tch I’m The Shit 2.

We have a feeling this is far from over. Stay tuned…


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