Nollywood Officially Releases Its First Ever Full Blown P0rn M0vie, BSMA Disassociated itself

Nollywood Officially Releases Its First Ever Full Blown P0rn M0vie, Benue Association of Movie Producers (AMP) Disassociated itself stating it is unprofessional.

Bearly few day after AMP disassociated itself, the Actors Guide of Nigeria (AGN) have also disassociated themselves from two p0rn0graphic movies recently shot in Makurdi.

The two movie was tiltile the “IPhone 7 Babes and Feast of Death”, and they were shot in locations within Makurdi in December 2016 by film producer, Derrick Walter of Nollyniz Gate Productions.

The associations on Saturday in Makurdi, condemned the content of the movie productions and said the actors that featured in them were not their members.

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A joint statement by the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the AMP and AGN, Rose Okwoli and Benjamin Ukwueze, respectively, described the productions as “archaic, barbaric, uncivilized , illegal and against acceptable moral and cultural norms which they are out to project”.

They also distanced themselves from the conduct and character of the artists shown in the obscene movies.
“They are not registered members of the bodies and the producer did not seek approval from AMP/AGN as is the usual practice for the production of the movies under reference.



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